Our Team


Kate Casey, founder, Ikura Technician
After getting to know Chile’s southern region, Kate found work in a salmon farming company. But the experience drove her to search for her own niche within the aquaculture industry. She left behind a professional career to begin making artisan ikura in her kitchen and selling it to local restaurants. Today she is the company’s “ikura tech”, and after the production season she is in charge of the exports.

Suk Kim, partner, Plant Manager
Suk is from South Korea and is a fisheries processing specialist. She runs and keeps the plant in first-rate condition in terms of plant processing hygiene and cold chain handling.

Roxanna Peña, Quality Control
Roxanna is from the city of Temuco and has a university degree in Aquaculture Engineering. She is responsible for the quality control of our product from the salmon harvest to the final packaging of the ikura. In each stage of the process Roxanna verifies the compliance of the rigorous quality standards expected from our customers.

Marlene González, Plant Boss
Marlene is from Chiloé Island and has worked in fisheries plants since she was 18 years old. She is an innate leader and together with her knowledge of teamwork and plant operations, she is the boss that our entire team looks up to.

Clara Monsalve, Plant Worker
Clara is from Puerto Montt and has over 10 years of experience working with value-added seafood products.

Cristina González, Plant Worker
Cristina is from Puerto Montt and has worked together with Marlene González for the past 8 years.

Janet Álvarez, Plant Worker
Janet is from Puerto Montt and has worked together with Marlene González for the past 6 years. She is studying to earn her technical degree as a food engineer.

Lupe Rojas, Cook
Lupe is from Puerto Montt and keeps our stomachs satisfied and gives us the motivation to work!

Rosario Roselló,
Founding partner, General Manager

Rosario is a businesswoman from Santiago who found the company IkuraSur in an entrepreneurial fair and saw its potential. Crucial for its initial stage, Rosario developed the company’s image and positioned IkuraSur in the market.