Unique Salmon Caviar

Our salmon caviar is a unique delicacy, because our salmon and our recipe are unlike the rest.

The secret to our unique caviar is the source of our eggs, our processing technique, and our dedicated team of workers.

We elaborate our salmon caviar without the use of pasteurization or chemical preservatives. These processing methods are very common in caviar products found in jars in the refrigerated section of food markets.
Pasteurized caviar products are convenient because they can withstand warmer and more abrupt temperature fluctuations, but the down side is that their taste and nutritional benefits are compromised.

We, as well as our customers, prefer to leave the taste and nutritional benefits of our fresh made salmon caviar in tact, preserving it simply with a savory rock salt brine and sub-zero temperature.

The uniqueness of our caviar also comes from the origin of the egg.
Unlike the commodity salmon caviar produced during the spawing season of wild Pacific salmon in North America, Japan and Russia, our caviar comes from the noble Atlantic salmon, sustainably farm raised in the glacial waters of Chile's coastal Patagonia.
Atlantic salmon eggs are a brilliant transparent orange color, and have a distintively lighter taste - less iodine tasting, than their Pacific cousins. We also make steelhead trout caviar, which is a naturally brighter red color and a bit smaller in size than the Atlantic eggs.