The Source of the Egg

The eggs of Chilean farmed salmon are a fresh, delicious and safe source.

The quality level of any type of food begins with its source – the environment in which it grew, the method in which it was harvested, the process it went through to reach the final customer. A notable difference between salmon caught in the wild and salmon that are farmed is that each farmed salmon is harvested at its optimum condition. Through modern aquaculture, it is possible to raise and harvest salmon at an exceptional level of uniformity and quality, traits that are difficult to achieve in traditional fisheries.

When handling any type of seafood product, the most important quality control points are time and temperature. A farmed salmon is harvested and processed within a matter minutes and under very controlled temperatures, whereas salmon that are fished at sea may take days before reaching a processing plant.

In our case, we manually select the eggs the moment that each school of salmon is harvested and cleaned, and the eggs are transported in cool, insulated containers.  This strict management of time and temperature is crucial for elaborating premium quality caviar.